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South Australia is now one of the most privatised states in the country which has significantly reduced the ongoing revenue for the citizens of our State.


Successive Governments in South Australia have privatised a large number of public services over many years. This started with selling off our water followed closely by electricity, public transport, our forestry industry and then most recently the sale of our highly regarded Lands Titles Office.

Alongside privatisation there has also been a direct and sustained attack on public services through budget cuts, leaving diminished public services and putting enormous pressure on the workers delivering them.

In the 1990s, the PSA warned that privatisation and the diminishing of public services would mean:

  • Private profits would come before community services

  • Higher cost to the taxpayer

  • Less efficient community services

  • SA stripped of its assets and revenue base

This is all now coming true.

Together we can make a difference by talking about the importance of public services with friends, family and colleagues. Get involved by sharing your story, signing the petition or hanging up a poster on a community board to help spread the word that SA is not for sale.

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