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We get told privatisation will create more choice, better savings and lower costs for consumers; in practice the opposite has happened.

Often, privatisation means Governments up needing to spend even more money to fix problems or bring services back to the public realm.

In recent months, even the Australian Competition and Consumer chairman Rod Sims has said that the sale of ports and electricity infrastructure and the opening of vocational education to private companies had caused him and the public to lose faith in privatisation and deregulation.

Services in South Australia that have already been privatised are extensive making SA one of the most heavily privatised states in the nation.

Gas, water, electricity - you name it - the whole service (or parts of these services) have been sold:

1993  SA Gas Co

1995 Adelaide Buses

1995 Pipeline Authority

1999 Electricity Trust of South Australia (ETSA)

2000 Darwin Railway

2001 Flinders Ports

2012 Forestry SA

2012 SA Lotteries

2015 Motor Accident Commission

2017 Lands Titles Office

What will be sold off next?

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