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Public Servants provide vital and accessible services to the South Australian community in health, education, child protection, transport, correctional services, primary industries, environment and heritage, and much, much more.

A strong and well-resourced public sector builds our State's capacity and ensures all South Australians have equitable access to the services they need to thrive.

The 2018/19 State Budget has seen a number of these essential public services cut and privatisated:


  • Adelaide Remand Centre to be privatised.

  • Closure of seven TAFE campuses including Port Adelaide and Urrbrae.

  • Closure of three Service SA - Mitcham, Prospect and Modbury.

  • Threats to privatise SA Pathology and SA Medical Imaging.

  • Privatisation of the Child Protection Financial Wellbeing Counsellors program cutting 59 positions.

  • Substantial cuts to Education with 200 FTE cut from head office.

  • Significant cuts to Environment with 110 FTE.

  • Huge cuts to Treasury and Finance with 600+ FTE cut.

  • Significant budget and staffing cuts to the Arts.

  • Significant budget and staffing cuts to Legal Services Commission including the closure of the Mount Barker Legal Services Commission Office resulting in a diminished outreach program.

  • $150mil from general revenue to facilitate TVSPs. Total job reductions approx 1700 FTE.

  • Transfer to NGO with NDIS transition, and 2300 net FTE from agency savings.

We call on the Government to reverse these decisions and invest in our public sector so high quality services can continue to be provided to our growing community, now and into the future.

If you are a public servant, download your "I am Essential" sign here and send us your photos to


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